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RifeMedic ®  bio-resonance devices
Advanced Quantum Radionics Resonators
The most creative rife machine devices in the world
RifeMedic rife machines are quantum radionics bio-resonators and educational systems with enhanced features and functions. These devices are the most creative health support devices in the world today.
On the RifeMedic 8: Above are the Mode settings that include screen brightness, buzzer control, Radionics control, Pulse electro-magnetic control, Chromotherapy control, special frequencies and functions.
The back of the unit comprises of the Radionics, Chromotherapy and Pulse electro-magnetic features’ application components.
The RifeMedic 8’s contactless skin temperature sensor and the heart pulse rate and saturated oxygen sensors. The computer usb connetion is for future enhancement upgrades.
On the bottom of the unit is the power connection, on-off slide switch and electrodes connections.