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RifeMedic ®  bio-resonance devices
Advanced Quantum Radionics Resonators
The most creative rife machine devices in the world
RifeMedic rife machines are quantum radionics bio-resonators and educational systems with enhanced features and functions. These devices are the most creative health support devices in the world today.
RifeMedic 8 - 2023 - Pocket rife machine with extra modalities and bio-feedback.
RifeMedic 7 - 2020 - Dual channel rife machine with enhanced 2 frequencies application mode and educational screens.
RifeMedic 6 - simple straight forward rife machine
RifeMedic 5 Dual rife machine with Windows ® PC software with oscilloscope and spectrum analyser
Download the RifeMedic 5 dual channel Rife Machine software for free
RifeMedic 4 with Radionics and Imprinter pod.
RifeMedic 3 that set international standards of quality and accuracy
RifeMedic devices are innovative rife machines with enhanced features and modalities, designed and manufactured by Master Engineer Pieter van Wyk (Ph.D) with zero reverse - engineering or functionality from any other device. Pieter van Wyk is a Natural therapy practitioner trained and educated in many health and healing modalities, specialising in frequency, vibrational, energy, and physical manipulation therapies.